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Kids' Bikes

 Every Kid Should Have a Good Bike
Many parents rightly ask: why should I buy a bike from a bike shop when I can get one from a department store? That's a good question. A department store "bike" may cost half as much as a Trek or Giant. However, at Vitesse, what you're buying is not just the bike itself, but the assurance and safety that comes with it.
Advantages to buying at Vitesse Cycle:
  • Quality (and safety): all Trek and Giant kids' bicycles carry the same high-quality that their adult counterparts do. Kids are rough on their bikes, and these bikes are up the challenge.
  • Assembled by professionals: trust in the workmanship of a professional mechanic. Our bikes are assembled and adjusted by the pros to ensure the greatest safety and functionality.
  • The perfect fit: what's the point of buying a bicycle if it's the wrong size? Our knowledgable salespeople can fit your child to the best size bike. Want something he or she can grow into? No problem.
  • Lifetime guarantee: all our Trek and Giant bicycles carry a lifetime warranty on the frame and our lifetime service policy. A well-maintained bike simply works better and lasts longer, so you can get the most money out of your trade-in, or ensure that his or her little sibling will have a bike to hand down.
  • Trade-ins: with how kids grow, we understand that a kids' bike won't fit forever. But we can help. We take trade-ins on kids' bikes and are happy to apply the credit to a new bike. We aim to make it easy.
At Vitesse, you buy peace of mind--whether it's the craftmanship of the bicycle itself, the quality of the labor, or the ability to trade-up into something bigger and better.
Check out our selection of kids' bikes here.