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Vitesse & Often Running Are Hiring!

Without sounding overly cliched, the people who make up the Vitesse and Often Running family of businesses are the foundation upon which the ultimate success of our organization rests. One way or another, everyone here--from stockperson to owner--has passed through some version of the application process you’re just now entering upon.

Wherever you may be applying in our organization, we want you to know that working here is not like working most other places. Why? It’s hard to put our collective finger on any one thing that makes it the way it is. When it comes right down to it, it’s all part of the Vitesse & Often Running experience.

Above and beyond all else, working here means making a serious commitment to learning about great products and great service; to help create an exceptional workplace. We understand that not everyone will care as much about these things as we do; if Vitesse or Often Running isn’t for you we wish you the best and would be happy to help you in any way we can. If you think this is the spot you’ve been looking for, then go right ahead and keep filling out this application. We look forward to getting to know you during the interview process.

Normal Recognized as Bike Friendly Community

With some big help from Vitesse owner and Normal mayor Chris Koos, Normal has now been recognized by the League of American Bicyclists as a Bronze Level Bicycle Friendly Community. This is an important and exciting recognition of our community's devotion to improving and fostering the ever-growing bicycling community in Normal.

Normal Is Awarded Bronze Level Bicycle Community

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Hot Deals on Cool Bikes

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4.0 stars
 (7 Reviews)
Trek 1.2 C - 2014

Trek's 1.2 Compact is a shining example of trickle-down technology. The… [more]

Trek Speed Concept 2.5 WSD - 2011

Trek's Speed Concept 2.5 WSD is your secret weapon in the battle against… [more]

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 (8 Reviews)
Trek Madone 5.2 C - 2014

Trek's Madone 5 Series is a feature-packed, race-ready platform with an… [more]

Trek Farley 6 - 2015
$1,495.99 - $1,869.99

From scorched sand dunes to winter white outs, and everything in between,… [more]

Giant TCR Composite 1 - 2013

Make sure you're holding on tight because Giant's TCR Composite 1 takes… [more]

Product Rating
4.5 stars
 (58 Reviews)
Trek X-Caliber (Gary Fisher Collection) - 2013

Trek's X-Caliber rules the trails with its light, stiff Trek Gold aluminum… [more]

Giant TCR SL 1 - 2013

If you're going for hill climb victories or looking to conquer that… [more]

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5.0 stars
 (3 Reviews)
Trek Madone 2.3 C - 2014

The legendary Madone is now available in aluminum! Built with their… [more]

Product Rating
5.0 stars
 (1 Review)
Giant Anthem X 29er 4 W - Women's - 2013

Hills, rocks, roots—trail obstacles are all easier on Giant's… [more]

Product Rating
4.0 stars
 (1 Review)
Trek Madone 4.3 C - Women's - 2014

Trek's Madone 4 Series pairs race-level performance and technology with… [more]

Product Rating
4.0 stars
 (1 Review)
Trek Lexa SL C - Women's - 2013

Trek's Lexa SL C is the perfect choice for enjoying all your road rides… [more]


Support ISU Athletics

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Cycling Glossary - Word of the Day

A type of bicycle that's suited to road and off-road use. The concept behind hybrids is to blend the upright riding position, flat-proof tires, easy pedaling gearing, great brakes and suspension of a true off-road bikes with the lightweight wheels, skinnier tires, slightly higher gearing, and zippy geometry of a road bike. Hybrids are excellent for commuting, touring, fitness riding and exploring fireroads through the woods.

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